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Why Choose EI?


When making a decision about your education and your future, obviously you need to be absolutely sure you have chosen the best option for you personally. It can be extremely confusing when you first start researching courses and institutions as there are so many on offers especially in the world of ENFLISH/COMPUTER /SOFT SKILLS.

So where should you begin? A lot will depend on what you intend to do and where you would like to go. You have to take your own personal situation into account including any restrictions, financial and time wise. Are you looking for a short term job abroad, maybe on a gap year or are you searching for a complete life change and intend to teach as a new career long term either in the UK or abroad. Perhaps you are a non-native speaker who would like to start a new job or who needs to get some recognized qualifications to progress up the career ladder. Whoever you are and whatever your circumstances, the European institute will have the right course for you.